A few entries ago I mentioned I had drawn something that had taken me out of my panic attack and made me smile; well this is it. At the time of my break down at work I was trying to get my mind off of what caused it so I dived into the FFXI forums to look up info on the newer polearms; but my mind kept screaming at me that I had Gungnir and that was Luscia’s weapon, to the point where the My Buddy jingle popped into my head, but it got replaced with “My Gungnir” and I kept picturing Luscia playing with Gungnir as a toy rather than a weapon. The second picture is of my BF’s character Lujayne after he got his Almace and of course a song went along with his weapon as well; “Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend”~ Can’t wait to be able to use these weapons again… then again I am sure the hoop to jump through to get them usable will be dumb and impossible for low-man/solo in which case will mark my quitting. BUT I shall always keep these characters as my muses.

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