Hey look, I actually did something! Okay, so the story behind this is that my ears don’t like to stay pierced so I started trying to look for ways to wear some kind of earrings. The first picture is an earring my friend Marci made and it is effectively a wire clip on. It actually functions really well and doesn’t apply pressure to my ear. The 2nd picture is of a basic hoop that she made tonight in hopes of recreating the first earring. She thinks she might have it figured out, but as another option we were looking into ear cuffs and this the one I made. It’s not prefect my any means, but its not bad for a first attempt either. Once we have one or both these methods down, expect somethin pretty.

  1. priestessofpie said: Wire wrapping is hard, but stick with it because it looks so amazing! I haven’t got the hang of it yet. =( I will say though that using different gauge wire can make a big difference.
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