Merry Christmas to Ginn and PoP! I had asked another two questions and these two were the ones who answered. The question of the “what is something witty or silly your FFXI character might say” has to do with a game I have been obsessively playing; Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. Between stages, a loading screen if you will, appears and your party comes out and says something that to me is akin to a mad lib. Seriously, one of the things I got was “In the end, we’ll get it, mythically, for an idiot!” The other question was asking your favorite song from FF was and obviously it was because this is a rhythm game. But I digress; here we have Ginn and Lyali in the Theatrhythm style. Hope you guys like em. <3

Now I go off to sleep because I really don’t feel well.

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    Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffinal fantasy. These are so freaking cute~! I love them. =D Thank you for making one...
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