Merry Christmas to Blackash! Her favorite FF moment was the “You’re Not Alone” scene from FFIX. Unlike with Peti’s picture; this piece was more inspired by the moment than a recreation of it. I took the inspiration from the beginning of the scene where Zidane seemed to be recalling somethings his friends had said to him. In this image we have Blackash’s FFXI character taking the spot of Zidane as she is recalling someone important to her in her time of need; her BF’s character. Two of the lines were taken from FFIX with only a minor change as the last word in each of the sentences was Zidane’s name. The last line of course is to establish the scene of “You’re Not Alone”. Anyway, I hope you like it, Blackash. <3

Also, cause it looks funny, the first quote there says; “I learned so much from traveling with you”. The font, imo, made the s in so look like a y o.O

  1. blackash said: Ahhh you are so sweet! It turned out fantastic even with my very awkward choice of favorite moments XD You did a wonderful job THANK YOU LUS!
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