And my Inktober comes to a close with week 4’s picture; the lovely Peti. I decided to do Peti for a couple reasons, 1; Happy late birthday ^^; and 2; she was the one that kept encouraging me to try to go through inktober at least with the once a week. I over all really do like this picture, she looks so elegant and beautiful. My only real tiff is from my markers. As you can see the yellow is a rather highlightery yellow and her skin tone is somewhat orange…. this happened because the only markers I have are kiddie markers, so the ink never matches the casing =/ I need some big ppl markers… 

Inkotober week 3; Luscia and Kethend. Over the years I have transformed Luscia into what you see now; taking the design my BF came up with when I had made her for D&D, so proper this would be her D&D version. But of course it isn’t her without taking inspiration from somewhere and that would be FFXI. When I started playing her in D&D the flavor I wanted was sorta like DRK; a melee fighter who had arcane magic. This worked fairly well, but I never wanted to take a familiar from my sorcerer lvls due to some penalties and well I would be sad to see it die. However one day my BF and I were looking through his Dragon Magazines and saw this cute little raptor, so thats how Kethend started out. After playing DRG my BF (who was running the game at the time) decided to kill Kethend and have an NPC bring him back as what the raptor considered his true form;  a brass dragon. As an adorable character trait, my BF gave him the love of apples. In game he swam in a pot of apple sauce lol. For not drawing her this way in awhile I think it came out extremely well, but Kethend totally steals the show with how cute he is nomming the apple. I might attempt to color or ink more later on it, but wanted to show it off before I potentially messed it up.

Inktober week 2 picture; Sora and Tracey. I stumbled upon a shounen ai pic (not sure where it’s from) and the pose really reminded me of the couple’s first kiss so I used it as a reference. Overall I love how this came out, even if it wasn’t what I had originally pictured. Thing I love the most is Sora’s hair ^^

"KIss me like that first time…"

Step 1: Sketch/draw picture in pencil

Step 2: Ink 1 character in 1 color

Step 3: Erase lines around inked character that shouldn’t belong

Step 4: Ink 2nd character in 2nd color

Step 5: Erase lines around 2nd character

Step 6: Shade image with pencil so lines look somewhat correct where you want them.

…. I’m only on step 6 and I am being picky with this one lol. Good thing is step 7 is last and you should guess what it is. But the good news is I should be done with this before Sunday. ^^

The other night I had asked about inking pens that were like my manga ones just in another color. The good news is they do exist and I bought a few to ink the picture I drew while at work on Monday. This here were the doodles I did with the ball point pen. Not the best obviously, but I liked the shading on the one to the right and the chibis on the left are just cute. ^^

When I logged into XI today, not once would I have thought I would have smiled as wide or as much as I did; especially given that the beginning of it started off with a friend saying “I am gonna quit the game.” Let’s face it, FFXI has been slowly dying, with servers having around only 500 players on at a time and as time goes on there is less to do. This update that occurred last night is one of the reasons in which I can see why players are leaving; there was nothing to it. New “hard mode” battles were introduced for the main 6 avatar fights and a quest that allowed you to gain Lilisette as a trust npc and what seemed like forever ago; gain Atomos as a summon. I did the quest last night and the story was kinda cute, but since doing it I feel meh again.

My friend logged on and wanted to tell me some stuff, but waited till I was out of Delve to do so. When I was done she had told me she was gonna quit after the end of Aldouin since the story missions were the only things keeping her around. And frankly I have to agree; when the updates say it has new missions I can’t wait to see the story and she and I have been doing these missions together since the beginning of the expansion practically. So it kinda comes down that I too will leave XI as well when she does as I wouldn’t have any more friends save for 1 on the game still and even he said something about quitting if another one of his friends decided to do so. This convo happened because my friend wanted to remain friends with me off the game and stay in contact. In addition she wanted to, in a sense, bare her soul to me because she felt comfortable enough after all this time to do so and felt bad about not being herself because of a friendship that had gone sour. I can relate all too well with that and afterwards I feel that we have become much closer as friends.

To actually be told “you’re my best friend” and “I want you around” is something someone needs to hear every now and again or at least that’s how I feel. Hearing her also say she wants to see more of my AMV work made my day as she has given me feedback and genuinely likes them. The reason I felt the desire to share this is that it feels like I learned something and it’s something I probably already knew deep down, but some times forget; Your real friends are the ones who want you around and will share their deepest thoughts and feelings with you. They are there when you need them, whether it just be for company or support. Near or far a true friend is a special gift, never take it for granted.

That said, to my friends; I love you all.



day 7, badass blackash :D

Look at this, loook at it. Too awesome, can’t handle it. Your marker work is just exemplary, look at that skirt and that chain mail! 

That’s… wow… I don’t have any words to describe how awesome this looks.

Well pic has been sketched. Imma see if my BF will take me to an art supply store and look at pens tomorrow. If I can’t find any blue I’ll just use my manga pens. Another idea crossed my mind when I opened my sketch book and that was to ink the first picture in it; the one I shared that was of Luscia and Dem that was inspired by LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue. The reason this is is that it got smudged up from rubbing against the front cover of the book. Kinda hope I can salvage it.

Can anyone give me advice on some pens? The picture of Soul and Little Ogre I did was inked with my set of manga pens, which I love. And since that picture came out so good I wanted to do more, but the one I have in mind I want the ink in another color. Is there a set of pens like the manga sets but in blue? If not are there different size tips in singles of the ink in that color? I tried looking on Ebay, but it kept changing my search from manga pens to men a mens blue. WTF is a men a mens? Amazon isn’t much help either since they dont show a picture of the tips, so any help anyone can give would be awesome.

After seeing quite a few lovely drawings on here for Inktober I got inspired to do at least 1 ink drawing. I had this idea on Friday when I was watching some Soul Eater AMVs to help me with my own (as I have never made an action AMV before) and today while at work I plunked down and started to draw it out. This took about 3hrs to do in total. Honestly I am quite surprised it came out so well, especially for 2 reasons. 1: I haven’t drawn anything in months and 2: I have never drawn anything/anyone from Soul Eater before. Though I will say Soul’s hair reminds me of Sora from Kingdom Hearts lol. But regardless I love this picture and I hope you all like it too. Maybe I can do at least 1 drawing a week, in which case this is for week 1 and I need to do week 2 lol.

Slip into Madness….