I don’t play FFXI as much as I used to, but you know what my favorite part is right now? Fighting stuff alongside my fav NPC, Luzaf!




This, everyone, is Danny Lopez, aka “DannyWiiU”, “DannySNES”, “dannydsi”, and a bunch of other names involving Nintendo consoles. He’s a creep whose Twitter feed consists ENTIRELY of asking women to burp for him and make videos of them burping. Plus trying to get 15-year old actress Joey King to unblock him from Instagram and Vine. Make of THAT what you will.

Recently, he threatened to rape Lindsay Ellis, rape all female producers for Channel Awesome/Chez Apocalypse/TGWTG, and kill her boyfriend (ToddInTheShadows) and their dog Kali. He is currently under investigation by the NYPD for these threats, and Lindsay has blocked him on Twitter.

Danny is not very clever, since he thinks that someone blocking him means he can continue to make these threats. He is mistaken. I’ve screencapped these for the attention of lindsayetumbls, partly because I don’t know how to submit them to her, but also as a signal boost. If you see him make any threats to anyone, screencap them, post them to Lindsay, and move on. These are all being used in a case against him.

Thank you.

Oh! But wait! He hasn’t stopped there!






I have to assume at this point he’s doing it out of spite. Regardless, at this point, we treat this as an actual legitimate threat. Updating this so @lindsayetumbls has more material, but if obscuruslupa, marzgurl, nashscribblings, atopfourthwall, kylekallgren, or any other TGWTG producer can reblog this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Updated: new threats made against Kaylyn Dicksion, aka Marzgurl.

I have my own personal screenshots that I’ve kept and sent to Lindsay so that she can actually do something legal with them, but basically yes, he has also threatened to rape me and kill my fiance, Josh. So, you know, just to further show that it’s a pretty serious issue.

To all my followers, please reblog this to help raise awareness.

Gonna color it later this week hopefully, but this is the full picture of Tymora. So why is my taru/lalafell with an Eevee and a Flareon? Well that’s cause it isn’t exactly my FF version; it’s a D&D character I made for a friend’s Pathfinder game. My biggest thing when it comes to tabletop RPGs is that I need the character to actually have substance, but sadly for me it is harder to accomplish in D&D as apposed to Silver Age Sentinels or Big Eyes Small Mouth. Why? Because D&D is a pure numbers game and depending on your GMs the rules are hard to bend. My BF is a great example of rule bending as Luscia’s original version was a D&D character and he allowed me to do certain things and even made feats and spells for me to fit the flavor of the character. I literally can count the good D&D characters I have enjoyed on one hand and for me that makes me sad.

Tymora was supposed to be fun, with throwing in references to FFXI to give her some flavor, such as living next to another crazy halfling who always spoke in rime and her boring day job was being a food supplier for a retired adventurer who had opened a restaurant. I was also going to have it where summoning was a taboo form of magic and that her family was really the only one around who still practiced it. Summoning in Pathfinder is rather strange, but the way I wanted to deal with it was have one of each size creature and have it be a different avatar. I was gonna use Carby, Garuda/Shiva/Diablos (hadn’t decided which) and Fenrir. However, my friends kinda hate when I reference the game; probably cause I was addicted to it for so long. As I was making the character I noticed just how unfun it was because there was way too much information to try to remember and I came to a sad conclusion; I like RPing, but I don’t like D&D. Saying this to my friends they understood, but sweet little Tymora would not go to waste.

The GM(s) made a feat where when in a “safe zone” you could flux to another character. As this feat has a story purpose I do not yet know the whole point of it, but my BF took it and had asked to use Tymora as the 2nd character instead of the 2nd one he made. So he made it so her Eidolon was Eevee and later on when she’s a higher level will make it a Flareon.  

My turn now; here is my MH. I have so much crap…. 

Just noticed the 2nd and 3rd pics cutoff x.x You can’t see my Aht flag or my Odin statue. Bad FFXI! Bad!

I was lucky enough Friday to catch Peti’s livestream and it inspired me to draw something, so here’s the WIP of my current idea. This is my taru mule as a SMN. I’ll go into more detail on the pic once its completed later, but Peti said she wanted to see it if I did draw something, so here ya go ^^

My first attempt at this video. I will make modifications and see what I like best, but overall I do like this attempt. As I am wanting to compete at least in Anime Boston’s AMV contest every year now I am trying to make sure my videos will appeal to the masses, however I think this series is incapable of doing so. While going through my footage for this AMV it was much more apparent that the anime was made for those who were fans of the game. That in mind I feel that if you don’t know the characters of Disgaea, it will not translate well. But regardless I hope you all do enjoy it and look forward to others. ^^

Also a personal victory for me in this video; I did not use a single cross fade and I edited some of the clips to be shorter and they look fairly seemless. Most notably the scene where Flonne is praying with her pendant., seriously that scene was like almost 2minutes with her talking lol. 

Anime: Disgaea
Song: Power of Love
Album: Sailor Moon Luna Rock

Me when I see something yaoi.

I have ripped all, but one series I wanted to do AMVs for and am currently playing around with one idea while I have another planning out in my head. The one that is currently floating around in my head I might actually submit to AB next year if I can execute it well enough, so we’ll see. But as for the series I couldn’t rip I wanna ask your advice and whatnot as to why it wouldn’t/couldn’t rip.

The series is my season 1 of Magic Knight Rayearth. I have 2 ripping programs and both of them seem to do the same thing; it can only find the file for the first episode. My rips of Rayearth 2, Black Butler and Disgaea lumped all the episodes on the disc in 1 big file, where as Gravitation separated them into their own 30min chunks. The only thing I could even think that might be the cause is the way the DVD is set up; the 3 mentioned above all have a Play All section where as Rayearth doesn’t, but the files should be there anyway right?

Whatever AMVs I don’t plan to compete with I will post here as well as my youtube channel, when they are completed; so please look forward to them. As for the ones I compete with I will do what I did this year and post them near the time of the convention; if they make it to the finals than they wont be posted till after, if they go into the overflow than I will put it up before hand as there is no reason to wait.

Back to splicing footage I go! 


Gifting 2 sketches as the ones I’ve been doing.

If you were looking to purchase one or simply liked them, give this a try.

I will draw any character you ask, so feel free to challenge me.

No need to be following but it would be nice of you lol. Good luck!! ^^

Ps: Btw, do you have twitter guys? Mine has been full of shit lately, so I could use new things to read. Let me know here or PM and i’ll add you :)





Ya know…. Somehow that seems right for Ferb.

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