Well that’s a fair question, Tumblr Blog Title. Not that I really think anyone is thinking that question themeselves, I feel a little better giving a small run down on what I have been up to in terms of art. Why don’t I start with drawings first;

My drawing has kind of come to a stand still. Nothing has really popped into my head and shout “draw meeeeeeeeeeeeee” in a little while. I did have a sketch of Luscia and Tymora that came out…. mmm…. okay I guess. Tymora and Carby look fairly decent, but Lus’s head is rather large for some reason lol. But as we all know with traditional arts if I erase stuff and try to fix it proper I might end up ruining the whole thing. Might do some Theatrhythem style characters again since I have been playing obsessively, but we’ll see. In terms of scanning them, well, that might be an issue. I have my new laptop, but like most computers now it runs on “fucking Windows 8!” I am not having much or any kind of luck with it as I have had random screens pop up as if i swiped my screen, I had my mouse turn off and my scanner is not compatible with it. Yes, I can tell it to run as if it was an older version (it’s how I got XI to run), but I need to get a new one any ways so it might be for the best.

My cosplay… yeah you guessed it; zero progress from the last shots I have shown before my comp died of my WHM outfit. However, there is a reason. As I have mentioned before I would be working out of my kitchen since it has the most space, well over the summer we had a major flea problem. My cat is an indoor cat so we know it wasn’t from her per-say, because should could have gotten them from being in the windows. But because of it I wanted to keep my fabric sealed away and protected till the problem has gone away. My anxiety also kicked in with the thoughts of “what if I fuck it up? Then I have completely wasted the money…” Here’s the funny thing, I know how dumb that sounds, only for 1 reason; I already spent the money and the only way it’s wasted is if I do nothing with it. If I fuck up so be it, at least I tried and it’s the only way I am gonna be able to learn how to sew. There is still the matter of all the foot traffic the kitchen gets , but hey, I’ll figure something out. Also like every year around this time I do have ideas of cosplays I would like to do and my latest obsession, Soul Eater, is no exception. I really wanna dress up as Death the Kid, even if I am not the ideal weight, cause hey, I love his character. Only thing stopping me is finding a suit jacket that will fit me and not make me sweat buckets. However I do have things I can make in conjunction to the character; like his rings and painting the 2 pistols. So it might be another WIP as I search, the wig will be the last thing I get since it would the most expensive.

And the thing that I have been working on, my AMVs. When I entered Anime Boston’s AMV contest this year I was and still am proud of my video even with it’s errors since above all, I made it within the original deadline’s time frame; even with all the problems I had gathering the footage and giving myself a crash course in Live Movie Maker. This time I am giving myself much more time to take things slow and hopefully get them perfect by the time submissions are taken. I have 1 potential video done, I just need time to show to some friends and see if they think it’s too pixelated for me to submit. If it is, than I will go to another video idea I have in mind. But for the moment I am working on one for Soul Eater and it’s kind of slow going, if only for the fact that I have 51 episodes to fish through where as Disgaea was only 12 and much like when I was doing my Disgaea AMVs I find myself actually watching the episodes inside Movie Maker, so it does take a little longer lol.

So that’s been what’s up with anything art related for me. And yes, XI has also gotten in my way, but when hasn’t it really? I take breaks and frankly it might be time for another. If do you can expect to see more arts. 

If you all remember I got pretty obsessed with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, now the 2nd installment; Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call has been released and that obsession came flooding back.

Like anything other games there are both pros and cons to them and I feel like pointing them out (cause atm I have nothing better to do lol).


All songs from the original game are back with the addition of many more, totaling about 220 songs. This includes the sequel titles such as FFX-2, FFXIII-2 and Lightning Returns as well as Crisis Core FF7 and FF7 Advent Children. To make this even better side games like Type-0 and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (yeah when was the last time you heard Mystic Quest?) also make an appearance.

If I recall correctly there are 60 playable characters; some titles getting 3 more to play as like Aerith, Tifa and Barret joining Cloud for FF7 or Prishe, Lilisette, and Aphmau teaming up with Shantotto to represent FFXI. I am unsure as of writing this if there are downloadable characters yet here stateside, but according to the wiki more characters from FF4-6 are available for purchase. I like that there are so many of our favorite characters to choose from and even if it isn’t traditional FF style, I do like seeing the characters team up with one another.

Like the original game, Curtain Call is very easy to pick up and play. The game play is probably my most favorite part to this series has I do not play rhythm games at all and I can do fairly well in this. When I played the original I struggled some at the start; getting Cs-Fs in rank. I haven’t played the game in some time before picking up Curtain Call and right out of the gate I was getting S ranks on songs.

Melody Quest is a lot of fun and very RPGish. It’s actually a very nice addition compared to the Chaos Shrine from the first game.


Not so much the song choices, but the type of stage that the song is. In the original, for example; Celes’s Theme from Final Fantasy VI was an EMS. EMS stages are where you have a montage of scenes from the respective title. In curtain call all the original EMS songs are there, but the type of stage has changed so now Celes’s Theme is a FMS, which is where you character is running across the screen as if on a world map. Where this is a small nit pick since the song itself is still there, I really enjoyed watching the scenes for those stages as you can view them in theater mode without the rhythm symbols cluttering the stage. EMSs are not gone from the game, as the new titles that have joined the ranks have them and are unlocked overtime. Final Fantasy XIV having my favorite one with Answers.

Again, small nit pick; however I would think Square-Enix could have done something specialish for each character as there aren’t really any special animations for spells or special attacks aside from the summons, even with 60+ characters I would think there could be a little something. I recently finished lvling the FFXI girls to 99 and only Shantotto and Prishe get something unique to them; Shantotto with Ancient Magic and Prishe with The Five Lights. Again these are special to them in terms of name since there isn’t a special animation that goes with them, but Aphmau and Lilisette don’t get anything. Now I will give them a little credit in terms of flavor concerning Aphmau since her summon is Odin, but she isn’t the only character that can summon him. There could have been a unique skill for her, like maybe giving her an attack called Stringing Pummel since she is a PUP. As for Lilisette only thing I could think of that would have been unique was be for her to have a unique summon and that would be Cait Sith. Instead she summons Shiva. All her abilities aren’t anything that Zidane or even Locke couldn’t do and Zidane could do it better since he gets his ability Grand Lethal.  

Melody Quest is fun, but quite challenging. Like the Chaos Shrine the difficulty is random for the stage and you do not know what the difficulty is nor the song it is until you enter. Once you start getting in the 70s for maps the difficulties can be that of Ultimate Score which is the hardest mode in the game. If you fail beating the bosses, regardless of clearing the song itself you have to start over again or have hopefully completed a stage with a restore point on the map to start from there. But unless you complete the final boss or give up entirely you will not be able to undergo another quest.

Unlocking characters isn’t that different from the first installment; gather shards of a certain color and you can choose whom you unlock when the number of shards has been met. However, unlike the first game; you choose 4 characters for your party at the start (mine were Cecil, Zidane, Terra and Y’shtola) and then you have to unlock the other starter characters. 

Overall though this game is a lot of fun and if you love the music in the Final Fantasy series it is worth a look.

Over a year ago I finished my 75 GHorn and today I finished it to 99. Both relics now complete ^^

Disgaea- I Can’t Wait To Be Overlord

As promised here is the AMV I said I would share since I am unable to edit the lip syncs as I wanted due to the corruption of the WIP. Even with its imperfections I still adore this video and in comparison to others I have made you can tell I put extra time in care in making it. Took about a month to complete to the point it is in.

Footage: Disgaea Anime, Disgaea 4, Disgaea D2
Song: I Just Can’t Wait to be King
From: The Lion King

(Source: youtube.com)

I am still computerless, however I should be ordering one if not buying one out right on Sunday after work. So what has happened since I have been away? A lot of crap that I don’t care to recall, but I will share that somehow my movie maker files aren’t working on my BF’s computer which probably means they are corrupted. This means I can’t edit my Disgaea video to make the lips sync up better to the song. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the video, it just sucks that I can’t make it tighter. Since I can’t I will share it soon enough. The other video I had thankfully was done to where if I puttered with it any more I would probably ruin it. It is still on the maybe list of submission to Anime Boston 2015 so I am gonna hold off on sharing till I decide. Once I get my new laptop I will begin working on some other AMV ideas I had.

As for other art stuff I haven’t done much. I am working on making a few props/accessories for Death the Kid as I would like to cosplay him for Halloween (supposing I can find a suit jacket that fits me). My friend and I are also gonna be working on some magnetic earrings, so hopefully we can get to those soon, but timing for us hasn’t been so kind. We’ll just have to wait and see.

This will probably my only post for quite some time as my precious laptop has died. I was watching a couple videos on youtube and then my screen went black. We tried to boot it into safe mode when that option would actually load as well boot the bios from a flash drive, but alas neither thing has worked. My friend also opened up the machine and couldn’t see anything physically wrong with it, thus she declared the machine a brick.

Sadly I will be unable to get a new machine till either well into August or early September, which definitely puts a damper on working my AMVs. On the upside I have posted the 2 I had been working on to youtube to gain some feedback from friends who I had given the links to. (they are unlisted) Only one has given me feedback though lol.

So until I return keep making pretty arts so I have lots to look at ^^

And for those wondering how I am posting this; I am on the work computer.  


Giveaway: Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL

i’m giving away this beautiful console because i got a new one as a present, and after much thinking i decided that i prefer that one. it’s smaller and i’ve got tiny baby hands so it fits me. and besides i don’t live in the same region anymore so it’s easier.

but the look on my face when this arrived in the mail was that of pure joy so i thought it’d be so cool to give it away to someone, i know a lot of you probably don’t have a 3DS yet and games are a comin so you’re gonna need it!! (and hopefully i get to see the look of joy on the winner’s face if they take a picture please take a picture)

let me just poop out the details real quick

  • like and reblog to enter
  • i’ll ship internationally for free BUT the console is american so it’s region locked!! you can use it in your country but you’ll have to import games (or get an american user and download from the store, if that works. i don’t know if it does or how to do it!)
  • please be willing to give me name and address
  • keep your ask box open or i can’t contact you
  • you don’t have to follow me to win. feel free if you want (i got a gaming blog) but it won’t increase your chances it’ll only succeed in making me happy
  • the download code for albw is not included, but the AC adapter is and of course the little pen
  • giveaway ends on august 6

i think that’s it!! 

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Funko will be releasing a new line of Black Butler Pop! Vinyl figures in stores nationwide! These will be available in July exclusively at Hot Topic through November 2014.

I must have these!